These are a sort of recommendations to spend your downtime. Books I am reading, TV series I am watching, and other great stuff. I am into all of them so, it’s all from my own experience.

Hope you find them helpful and interesting. 

To watch

The Newsroom

By:Aaron Sorkin and HBO

I know, I know. This is not precisely new, but I liked it so much that I really think it deserves some time and space here.

Very good TV show where Jeff Daniels (whom I recall by Dumb and dumber and I’m sorry, but I’ll always do) does a great job here. Honestly, Daniels demonstrates high quality standards.

The Newsroom chronicles the behind-the-scenes events at the fictional Atlantis Cable News (ACN) channel, where Daniels is the anchor Will McAvoy. The series shows how McAvoy, his team and the people around lives the day-by-day of a newsroom. Personally, I think that the show vindicates journalism as a profession and beyond that crime fiction reporter, troublemaker and brave. The newsroom is that: a show developed into the newsroom. White-collar and black-suit. And just like that, it gets great.

One thing I like is that The Newsroom is a contemporary show. Most of the news are recent, not far from us today and the characters live the occurrences as many of us would do it.

There are just 3 seasons or 26 episodes. Short.

Note: If you don’t like the show, at least listen these songs part of the soundtrack:

1. Into the mystic – Van Morrison
2. Always on my mind – Willie Nelson
3. If I could (El cóndor pasa) – Simón and Garfunkel
4. That´s How I Got to Memphis – Bonny Bare


To Listen and to Learn


App by: Blinkist

I love reading book, articles, magazines and so. I simply, love to read. However, let’s be honest. Lately, for many of us reading is something everyday harder. Why? Two reasons: Too many books and too little time.

Blinkist is filling that gap. I love the app (that’s why it’s to read and learn). It does two things for me:

  1. It helps me to keep reading (learning).
  2. It gives me the best out of each book.

But what’s Blinkist about? It is an app to read or listen to book’s summaries. Ok, that’s the boring description. Now, how I see it: Blinkist cures books and shows you the key insights of any nonfiction book in easy 15 minute-summaries. Click here and watch what I mean.

Each key insight is called a blink and fits nicely on one page. Each blink is very well explained and really tells you in a straight way the main idea of a book section. You can read or listen to the blinks, up to you. I do both. I do it while commuting or running.

It’s free to download, and there is a free version where you can only read the daily pick: one out of their 1800+ book summaries (it changes every day).

There paid versions: Plus and Premium. The price depends on your country. But hey, good news!

My gift: use the code earlybird and get a 30% off.

Personal experience: super helpful to keep «reading» and learning. You may say «that’s not reading» and maybe you’re right. That’s a whole debate.

I will only say this: sometimes it’s useful to get the main idea or the message the author actually wanted to transfer, isn’t it?

To Read and To Learn


By: Jason Fried

This one is so good that it is my To Read and To Learn recommendation. I would be satisfied by telling just this: read it!

Jason Fried is cofounder of 37signals, makers of Basecamp and bestseller author. Personally, I agree with many of their concepts about distant work practices, asynchronous communication, and so. I think is a guy who deeply understood what the connected economy is really about.

The key message of the book: anyone can start a business today, from anywhere, and without 80-hour weeks or depleting your life savings. Cool!

Rework is very focused on the internet-based businesses, but I think it could apply to any other industry (not all, of course). The book takes a critical look at marketing, hiring, and other practices associated with building a business and it explores a new reality.

Which reality? One where anyone can be in business. A reality where tools that used to be out of reach are now easily accessible and where technology that used to be costly is now just a few dollars away or even free.

The book is not heavy at all and full of practical examples.

Take a look at it. You can find it in Amazon.

Try them, share your thoughts and click here if you want to keep the conversation.

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